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instagram: @komikka_the_martian

MARTIAN (Komikka Patton)

Komikka Patton She is a 2D media artist based in New York City. She uses ballpoint pen, ink, paper and assorted printmaking techniques to create works that are centrally based on the human condition, each illustration and print tells a different story, reflecting life, death, and the tribulations of characters that are symbolic of the stereotypical black identity. She has been featured on Hyperallergic and in Botticelli Magazine. A solo show at The Ne’-Na Contemporary Art Space in Chiang Mai, Thailand as well as various galleries in NYC and Columbus, Ohio. She is the winner of the Tolesdet drawing prize and the May and Samuel Rudin Foundation Scholarship. She has obtained her BFA in Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art & Design and a MFA from New York University